About Us

 “Why” We are in Business

CrewFacilities.com was formed because we were disheartened by facilities, workforce providers, and booking agencies overcharging their customers.

We are NOT:

A booking agency ♦  Third party provider  ♦  Corporate housing company

We REPRESENT the client as a lodging and travel manager.  Our MISSION is to ensure our customers are controlling what they spend on crew travel and housing every single day.  We encourage our clients to price other vendors and facilities against our market researched rate findings.

Compelling Reasons to Partner with CrewFacilities.com

  • No obligation or complicated setup
  • No long term contracts or commitments
  • No annual minimum spend required
  • Any location in the US, Canada & Mexico
  • Competitive rates at quality facilities
  • Reduce employee travel costs within the first week
  • Reservation requests & changes in seconds
  • Direct bill – eliminate credit card holds or disputes
  • Accurate charges
  • Express check-ins

Our Facility Types

Hotels  ♦  Lodges  ♦  Man camps  ♦  Corporate Apartments

Discounted rooms at top rated 2.5 and 3-star facilities

Click below for sample facilities and locations:

Modular Homes in Midland, TX

Lodge in the Permian Basin

Man Camp in Dilley, TX

Man Camp in Carrizo Springs, TX

Furnished Apartments in Big Spring, TX

Our Locations

Our lodging, travel management and crew logistic services  are available throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico.

Our Technology

CrewFacilities.com has spent years developing its own customized travel management and logistics software and mobile application, CrewFacts.com©

Our Quality

With our years in the field inspecting, researching, testing and operating camp, hotel, rental communities, workforce housing, remote lodging and short term rentals across the US, CrewFacilities.com implemented a 14 point vetting process which we use to vet and determine the facilities which comply with the required health, safety, environmental and quality guidelines.


Reduced rates that do not compromise quality!

The CrewFacilities.com team has managed, leased, rented and booked hundreds of thousands of rental, hotel, and workforce lodging products over the life of their careers. Because of the time spent in the field establishing these relationships, CrewFacilities.com has the opportunity to pass on volume savings to our clients, through reduced room rates and the control of charges.