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About Us

We are a Crew Logistics Group Travel Manager.  We move people!

Our team is specially trained to support round the clock critical mission response teams and field workers with time sensitive projects and requirements.  We train weekly via drills the same way a military installation practices to perfectly respond to any and all requested mobilizations.  From 24/7 shift changes, crew changes, to moving hundreds of people in hours, with no notice.  We have a 100% historical performance rating as a US Governmental Lodging Contractor.  With many long term contracts that require zero error, from vetting and qualifying facilities for minimum benchmarking for Health, Safety and Environmental, to managing logistical movement, to auditing and correct invoicing, we meet all requirements.  Let us support your field personnel to allow them to perform at their utmost abilities on the job site!

Our Locations

We do not represent specific facilities or locations.  Our crew travel program is available at facilities throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico.

Our Facility Types

Hotels  ♦  Lodges  ♦  Man camps  ♦  Corporate Apartments

Discounted rooms at top rated 2.5 and 3-star facilities

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Vetted Facilities

What sets apart is that we inspect, vet and pre-qualify all facilities prior to your personnel placement and check in.  With our years in the field inspecting, researching, testing and operating camp, hotel, rental communities, workforce housing, remote lodging and short term rentals across the US, created its proprietary 14 point vetting process which we use to inspect and pre-qualify only facilities which comply with the required health, safety, environmental and quality guidelines.


Studies show a

44% Increase of Bedbugs in Hotels since 2015.

Ensuring your personnel are housed in quality accommodations should be a mandatory part of your organization’s travel policy.



The team has managed, leased, rented and booked hundreds of thousands of rental, hotel, and workforce lodging products over the life of their careers. Because of the time spent in the field establishing these relationships, has the opportunity to pass on volume savings to our clients, through reduced room rates and the control of charges.


Reduced rates that do not compromise quality

We are NOT:

A booking agency ♦  Third party provider  ♦  Corporate housing company

We REPRESENT the client as a lodging and travel manager.


“Why” are we in business was formed because we were disheartened by facilities, workforce providers and booking agencies overcharging their customers. We are NOT a booking agency, third party organization, corporate lodging or workforce lodging provider, but an employee travel management company. Our MISSION is to ensure our customers are controlling what they spend on crew travel every single day. We encourage our clients to price other vendors and facilities against our market researched rate findings.


The Pledge

We pledge to provide value to the businesses and the lives of others.

We pledge to create solutions and ease the minds of current and future clients.

We pledge to provide quality lodging services anywhere in North America.

We pledge to facilitate comfort and safety for traveling personnel.

Here is a general overview of how we stack up against other providers, including hotels, lodges or man camps.

Solutions offered:
Other Companies
Research, vet and approve all facilities for Location, Quality and Overall Cost.


They represent one facility type. And their fiduciary duty is to that particular facility and not you as the Customer.
Dispatch / Reservations – Designated Team 24/7 Not a Live, Designated Dispatch Team
Expedited Check In’s & Confirmation of Check Out No
Manage Reservation Changes, Cancellations and “No Shows” No database of over 215,000 facilities across the US, Canada & Mexico. (Hotels, Camps, Corporate Apts) No
Access to, a customized proprietary mobile and web platform for managing group reservations No
Negotiate competitive rates based on our constant survey of the market, based on client’s length of stay, number of rooms and occupancy rates & NO ADDITIONAL FEES Most rates are negotiated annually only. No additional costs other than Room Rate & any applicable taxes.
Direct Billing and credit terms for its clients Most require a credit card before a reservation is placed.
Solutions offered:
Other Companies
Daily Auditing of Facility Charges to ensure Accuracy No
Obtaining negotiated reductions or elimination of overcharges and fees for Unused Rooms, Cancellations, Changes, Incidentals and Deposits No
Confirm Actual Occupancy of Client Reservations Daily No
Data Verification in Real Time Yes
Daily Tracking of Occupied Rooms and Crew Members No
Job Costing Analysis Not included
Hotel tax tracking and reduction/elimination, when applicable No
Invoicing is itemized, consolidated, without hidden fees, for a simplified company review and approval process No

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