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Andrea Tsakanikas of and her team have created an innovative technology called CrewFacts that will keep your crew costs “in check.”

Do you have groups traveling for work from location to location?  Here is a travel tip to assist in managing the reservation process.

For group travel, it is critical to prepare a lodging roster in advance and submitted before a team checks into a facility.  It is impossible to track your hotel or man camp inventory by an empty room or empty bed.  Tracking personnel and logistics requires accurate names of team members via rosters.  And because of changes in crews and schedules, these rosters need to be maintained daily and in real time.  Consistently being updated.

But how is this accomplished from the corporate or regional office to the site miles away where the crew is lodging?

Why would your organization choose to pay for rooms which have remained unoccupied by their crew members due to various reasons, such as sudden changes in travel plans?

Tracking personnel on the ground from your regional office may be challenging at times

Andrea Tsakanikas, the President of CrewFacilities, a travel management and personnel logistics company based in Austin, Texas, suggests that travel coordinators and crew supervisors stay involved in ensuring their crew rosters are always submitted prior to check in. The rosters will assist in crew logistics and tracking when, AND IF, you need additional rooms or additional beds. And in many cases organizations need additional assistance in tracking who is still on the ground if you have crew shifts and crew changes.

And let’s not forget about accounting and paying for your room inventory.

How can you pay for a room without knowing who within your organization actually used it?  No one wants to pay for rooms that were not needed.  Or allowing team members to stay in a private room that has the capability for double occupancy.  To ensure you avoid paying for unused rooms, consider trying a crew logistics manager such as uses its proprietary and innovative technology, called CrewFacts to ensure that every penny spent has been authorized and actually used the inventory. – A new paradigm in crew travel by
CrewFacts for Iphone and Android

CrewFacts may be found in Itunes for Iphones or the Google Play Store for Android phones.  For further information about crew logistics and tracking, contact Andrea Tsakanikas and the team at 800-273-9256 option 3 today or


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