Crew Lodging Standards

Our Crew Lodging Standards Council



Most travel coordinators have such little time to research each city to find the best quality facility, closest to the job site, at a competitive rate. “Crew Lodging Standards” does this vetting and quality control process on behalf of their clients.  And ensures no personnel are placed within a facility that does not meet the proper standards.

With different housing types from metro areas, to suburban areas, to remote locations, a variety of properties are facilitated, from hotel rooms to man camps and workforce housing to furnished apartments, provides its clients with the options and amenities that insure a standardization of living quality accommodations and service to overnight guests, as well as, health, safety and environment. finds the highest quality products, geographically located closest to the job site location requested, for teams of all sizes. Many of our client workforce teams need immediate lodging.  

Citing a need to “create a high standard of living for temporary and permanent field workers, has established a set of standards for that sector. The Crew Lodging Standards Council includes facility management, national brand management, housing manufacturers and suppliers, food service providers and others in the sector.  While the company uses facilities of the highest levels, it would be easier to determine a facility’s quality, especially ongoing, if there were sector-wide standards and an oversight group to verify them. That is how and why the Crew Lodging Standards Council was born.

The Council has set certification standards that qualify a facility based on a list of items that range from Rating of “A” to Rating of “F.”  This assists Management of properties in the requirements necessary to meet acceptable standards prior to crew placement at their site.

The Safety & health requirements include: 

  1. Smoke detectors in all rooms and operational;
  2. Sprinkler system installed and operational (when required optional);
  3. Elevators up-to-date on inspection and tagged (if applicable);
  4. Fire extinguishers placed per Fire Marshall Requirements in that municipality;
  5. Proper exit lighting where required;
  6. Entire facility is kept up to date for its fire prevention inspections;
  7. No electrical hazards;
  8. Sidewalks, entryways, stairwells, parking lots free of blockages and well maintained;
  9. Property built properly above flood plain and no signs of potential water seepage to interiors;
  10. Free of mold;
  11. Beds free of Cimex lectularius (Cimicidae)


For further information on Crew Lodging Standardization and to request the Certification Requirements per each of the 6 ratings please contact our Amber Schofman at, 800-273-9256, extension 103.