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3 Signs That You Would Benefit from an Expense Account With a Travel Manager

Many companies go through several problems related to meeting the costs associated with employee travel. Read on and discover some of the situations which could be eased in case you set up an expense account with a travel manager, such as Andrea Tsakanikas (President of CrewFacilities).

Requiring Employees to Meet High Travel Expenses. Some companies ask their employees to be reimbursed for the different costs which they incur when they travel on company business. Such costs can often be higher than the credit cards of the employees can cover. Consequently, you may be compelled to fax credit card authorizations each time a high cost is to be met. This process is tedious and unsustainable. Setting up an expense account with CrewFacilities can save you from such tedious processes because the travel manager will send you a consolidated bill each week for all the costs incurred by your crew.

Meeting the Costs of Job Applicants or New Hires. An expense account with a travel manager like Andrea Tsakanikas’ company (CrewFacilities) can save you from the headaches of finding ways to pay for the hotel and travel costs of trainees or job applicants invited to your offices for training or other orientation activities. The expense account will save you from the hassles of processing reimbursements or providing company credit cards for temporary use by the new hires or job applicants.

Credit Card Misuse or Fraud. An expense account with a travel management company can put an end to credit card misuse or fraud by your employees. This is because the responsibility of verifying expenses incurred lies with the travel manager who will then give you a detailed report of every expense covered each week.

Have you talked to your travel manager about the solutions in the discussion above? Contact CrewFacilities and let the experts save you from the headaches associated with streamlining the payment of corporate travel expenses.