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Our Lodging Partners

What Regions Does Cover?
We offer facilities throughout the United States, Canada & Mexico, and additional areas by client request.
Once you partner with us you will have access to our room blocks and availability,
at a variety of vetted and pre-qualified facilities, closest to your job site location, at competitive rates.

What Types of Facilities Are Offered?
Hotels  ♦  Lodges  ♦  Man camps  ♦  Corporate Apartments ♦  RV Parks
Discounted rooms at top rated 2.5 and 3-star facilities.  For Conferences & Trainings 3-4 star facilities

What About the Quality of the Facilities?
What sets apart is that we inspect, vet and pre-qualify all facilities prior to your personnel placement and check in.

We aren’t such an agile and dependable organization just because of our own team; we also have a fantastic network of partners who complement our services and allow us to work harder, better, faster, and stronger.