Our Process

What We Do

We are your lodging partner for all your corporate needs from work crews on assignment in Odessa for three months to personnel group conferences in New York City for three days.  We find you the accommodations you seek at the lowest possible price.  We regularly save our clients an average of 32.28% or more on their group travel expenditures.  We work with all the major hotel brands, vetted man camps, lodges and remote housing, as well as corporate short term apartments.  Our industry experience, knowledge of the marketplace and significant buying power enables us to get great rooms at great rates even on short notice.

Monitor and Negotiate all Lodging Costs

At CrewFacilities.com we monitor all expenses related to lodging and negotiate everything to ensure our clients get the lowest possible costs.  Examples of areas we find millions of dollars each year in Cost Savings include:

Room Rates – The rate you are quoted is not always the rate that hits the actual invoice.  In addition, room rates are variable and change based on occupancy.  CrewFacilities.com monitors rates on your behalf every day.  And audit all invoices to verify our clients pay only for the agreed upon rate and number of room nights used.

Unoccupied Rooms –  Many times corporations pay for vacant rooms and empty beds because a job ended early or an employee went home for the weekend, or a project had a delayed start date.  With CrewFacilities.com you pay only for the rooms and beds your personnel use.

Additional Costs – Furniture, Laundry, Heat, Electric, Internet, etc.  With CrewFacilities.com, all bills are paid and included in the rate you are quoted upon reservation confirmation.

Our expert team is committed to reducing our client’s overall lodging expenditures and capitalizing on cost saving processes.  We partner with our clients in creating a customized solution and quickly implement proven strategies to meet their needs.  Our clients rely on us  for:

1. Vetted, quality facilities at competitive rates, closest to job site location

2. Outsourced travel management without additional overhead costs

3. Save on empty rooms, no shows, last minute cancellations

4. Express check ins

5. One on one service 24/7

6. Liaison between facility, office and field personnel

7. Detailed key metric reports to include travel costs by project and employee tracking

8. Facilitated hotel rewards programs

9. Use of our proprietary travel management mobile application for Iphone & Android.

How We Work

1. Lodging Cost and Travel Policy Analysis 

The first step of an engagement with CrewFacilities.com is an audit and analysis of your current lodging costs, preferences and corporate travel policies.  We want to understand the underlying drivers of your corporate lodging needs and current company travel culture.

2. Creation of Custom Corporate Lodging Solution

We will carefully review this data from the audit and analysis to create a custom corporate lodging solution for your team.  This proposal will include:

1. Analysis of current expenses – Identify areas for immediate savings.

2. Recommendations for changes in Employee Travel Procedures to lower costs.

3. Presentation of Proposed Plan Costs and Savings.

4. Guaranteed Reduction in Lodging Costs of  22% and complete employee satisfaction with room quality and CrewFacilites.com customer service.

Three Month Pilot Engagement 

Our 90 day Pilot Program is simple and easy for your team to get started.  Your authorized personnel names will be added to our system.  They will receive their invite via email with their User ID and Password for our mobile application and website portal.  And after a 10 minute on-boarding, virtual telephone orientation your account will be ready for reservations.

Review of Pilot Results

After 60 days, our Operations Team will schedule a review of your Cost Savings Analysis.  This overview will offer clear insight into your overall travel expenditures and in what specific areas CrewFacilities.com reduced your travel overhead, as well as relay suggestions to upgrade or revise your travel policies and procedures.  Additionally, you will also have access to our weekly Tracking and Roster Management Reports to assist in your logistics so that all personnel is accounted for by location and dates on particular job sites, projects or even costs by purchase order.

Annual Engagement 

As your out-sourced travel manager, once our clients complete their 90 day Pilot Engagement they will be assigned a permanent “Pod” team.  Each pod includes Reservation Agents, Tracking and Roster Management and Accounting Auditor Personnel that will work specifically with your employees and account.  We will customize your reporting, travel policies and procedures to fit your specific needs realized during the Pilot period.