Our Team

For over three decades Andrea has been involved in the property and facility management industry. She has
represented hundreds of investors and managed hundreds of thousands of nights of workforce lodging, rental,
and resort product. Since 2007 she served as a management consultant with a specialization in optimizing
operations and ensuring the highest revenues and profitability for travel and facility management projects.

Sampling of her recent projects:

  • VP of Operations, Corporate Lodging Company.  Task included the setup of a remote lodging
    division to manage class A   apartments, suites, lodges and man camps.
  • Chief Operating Officer, Crew Logistics/Remote Lodging Company.
  • President/Founder, Property Management Entity

Andrea Tsakanikas founded CrewFacilities.com to focus on the customer side of the transaction instead of
representing the ownership side of lodging. CrewFacilities.com manages, controls and reduces personnel
lodging expenditures for companies with mobile work forces throughout North America.

Amber hails from the property management, corporate housing and work force lodging industries. Amber is
proficient in systems and operations management. She has greatly contributed to building CrewFacilities.com
infrastructure, processes and procedures, to simplify and synchronize with our client company cultures. She
manages the company’s daily operations and team members. With her vast experience on the operations side,
she understands the requirements of partner facilities across the country to ensure the highest quality and
most satisfactory stays for our client personnel teams. As an experienced manager Amber Schofman works in
conjunction with the facility to manage the reservations and act as a liaison between the client corporate
office, client crew lead, guests staying in the facility and facility management.

Kenny is in charge of the coordination and satisfaction of client crews and teams traveling throughout the US. His career experience as Owner’s Representative in the management of construction projects and over many divisions assists him in understanding our client personnel needs and to quickly identify and manage their logistics and movement from job location to job location. He understands logistics from a field perspective to ensure our crew accommodations meet health, safety and environmental standards. As case studies have shown a direct correlation between personnel quality accommodations and their increased productivity. And this also attributes to our clients’ ability to retain their personnel for extended periods while on the road.   All adding back to our client company’s bottom line profits.

Sandra manages our government contracting division which focuses on CrewFacilities.com diversity projects and clients. She serves as the liaison between our company Estimating and Bidding Departments and our clients, working diligently to ensure operational effectiveness and efficiency. Her experience project management, estimating, logistics and operations gives her a keen insight ensuring a smooth flow and simplified process for all transactions. She has been responsible for generating and maintaining relationships with existing and potential clientele and vendors. As well as, accountable for management, oversight and quality control of facilities, work sites, vehicles and equipment, and inventory.

Throughout her career Lisa has been a key contributor in leadership roles throughout North America and
Internationally. She has been a National Sales Director, Regional Manager and Business Development Consultant for
various sales organizations, having been responsible for developing and executing sales targets through current and
new business relationships and implemented targeted marketing strategies and platforms. She works with the Sales and
Development Team to ensure top productivity in negotiations while creating strong partnerships.