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Employee Lodging Cost Reduction

Are room rates the focus of your employee travel costs? We guarantee to lower your room rates and decrease overall lodging expenditures. And if paying for empty rooms is a concern, we can track and report on specific details, so you can know at-a-glance which employees occupy which rooms.

Communication Technology

Communications can get garbled across many employees and multiple job sites. We’ll implement steps to properly notify all parties with true and accurate data, while reducing miscommunication between organizational divisions.

Key Metrics Reporting

Tracking crew rosters, shifts, changes, extensions and job costs can be time-consuming. You need real-time daily, weekly and monthly data to track crews and costs by job, location, and more. Our tracking & reporting solution, customized to your requirements, really help.

Dispatch Services

How do you coordinate logistics for your remote field teams?  Our clients are constantly seeking to simplify their current dispatch operating procedures or just upgrade their current coordination. We have programs to fit your unique requirements in the field, in remote areas, or in large corporate environments.

Credit Solutions

Tracking reservations, reconciling stays, resolving disputes and keeping credit flowing are challenges, especially when lodging facilities place holds on your credit cards. Our credit solutions resolve these issues.

Employee Compensation Solutions

If your reservations personnel already work full time hours, then you are familiar with the challenges inherent in covering night and weekend reservations while still keeping the lid on overtime costs. Ask us how we can help you reduce hours immediately, without adding cost.

Accounting Solutions

You don’t want to pay for rooms not used or unauthorized, rates higher than anticipated, or unapproved incidentals. Be sure your busy staff properly reconciles each room’s nightly folio with our Accounting Solutions.

Looking to immediately reduce your personnel travel costs?